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Energizers are devices whose function is to produce and transform energy into electricity to be used in different functions.

For electric shepherds, energizers are essential to supply the tapes or wiring with electricity. In this way the current will pass through them, thus keeping the animals away when they contact.

In Jauteco we find three types:

-Firstly we have those that exert energy through electrical current, which will need to be hooked to light to function.

-The second, and most effective for open spaces, are solar. These produce energy through the solar panels they contain. Being highly effective, as well as autonomous.

-Finally we find those with battery or battery. These will produce energy without the need for current but will need human control to prevent it from being discharged.

All these products are recommended for the protection of the land through electric fences, the human should periodically control the energizers to avoid failures or problems.