Cage Trap Cats

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The Cat Trap Cage is for capturing small animals such as: Cats, Reptiles, Mice, Ferrets, etc ...
When the animal enters the cage hallway and steps on the rocker, the doors close immediately, trapping it undamaged.
The usual thing will be to put the food that attracts the animal we are looking for, for example: to the rodent a piece of cheese, to the cat pieces of ham, fish, meat, etc ...


Cage Trap Cats

The Cat Trap Cage is indicated to capture small animals like: Cats, Reptiles, Mice, Ferrets, Weasels, etc ... If the wrong animal is captured, the human will be able to release it safely.

Cats and the rest of the specified animals are very intelligent. In order to be captured, the human will need a highly effective system that does not cause strangeness in the animal. Due to their characteristics, effectiveness and their ability to adapt to the natural environment, Trap Cages are one of the most popular products to catch cats, reptiles and the like.

The system used is mechanical, the animal will enter through the corridor of the cage to eat and will step on the rocker, at that moment the doors close immediately, being trapped. During his capture the animal will not suffer any damage, nor will you have an option to escape from the cage.

The food will attract the animal

To attract the animal, you must put a food that encourages the species that we want to capture, for example: a piece of cheese to the rodent, pieces of ham, fish, meat to the cat ...

The green colors of the Trap allow adaptation to the natural environment, thus does not cause strangeness to animals. So the Cage is also indicated for open spaces.

The Cage Cat Trap complies with all the regulations of the Animal Protection Law. It is advisable visit the Trap Cage every day (approx.), to prevent the captured animal from starving or suffering from exposure.

Cat Trap Cage has the following characteristics:

Dimensiones: 100 x 25 x 35 cm. (largo x ancho x alto)
Weight: 10 Kg.