Jaula Trampa Jabalí CV

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La Jaula Trampa Jabalí (Comunidad Valenciana) HOMOLOGADA, tiene nuestro exitoso sistema de cierre guillotina, es muy efectiva, está fabricada con malla de acero galvanizado y esmaltada en verde para integrarse con la naturaleza, los laterales estan reforzados con gruesas barras de acero.

DETACHABLE: it is very easy to assemble, just insert the bottom drive and join the 4 sides using the included screws, the doors are placed at the end.

Jaula Trampa Jabalí (Comunidad Valenciana) *Homologada*

La Jaula Trampa Jabalí   está designed with reinforced materials, This is how the boar hunt is effective. Thus the animal will not be able to escape, at the same time that will not be damaged.

La Trampa has our successful guillotine closure system, since it is very effective. It is made of galvanized steel mesh and enameled in green to integrate with nature. The sides are reinforced with thick steel bars.

To be more effective, it is advisable to bait outside the cage so that the Boar comes to eat, the next day put the bait at the beginning of the cage and so on the third day when placing the bait at the end of the trap, the trusted boar he will enter to eat he will step on the seesaw, the door will go down and he will be trapped with no option to leave.

Adaptable to the natural environment

The green colors of the Trap allow adaptation to the natural environment, thus does not cause rarity to animals.

This product complies with all the regulations of the Animal Protection Law. It is advisable visitar la Jaula Trampa cada día, para evitar que el Jabalí capturado pasar hambre o sufriera de exposición.

DESMONTABLE: It is very easy to assemble. Solo se ha de introducir el accionado inferior y unir los 4 lados mediante tornillos incluidos, las puertas se colocan al final.


Dimensiones: 205 x 60 x 110 cm. (largo x ancho x alto).
Weight: 80 Kg. Approx.

  • Las dos puertas están fabricadas con malla con un sistema antiretorno (Muy reforzadas)