Mástil para tablillas 1,80 m.

5,70 + VAT

Mástil para tablillas (taladrados y con tornillos incluidos)
Product in packages of 10 units.

Minimum order 10 units


Mast with a height of 1.80 meters, for placing and fixing the slats. Its characteristics allow an easy and correct fastening, so that the slats can be placed correctly.

Made of galvanized iron, the Jauteco masts are highly robust and resistant.

The product includes screws with your purchase, they will fix the slats on the top of the mast. Their height will allow them to be perceived and recognized by the human, being forewarned of the warning.

The mast must be attached to the ground, so that it is well grasped, preventing it from being displaced.

Jauteco masts comply with all the regulations required by law.

For temporary use tablets, such as wild boar shake, it is recommended to purchase the folding stand for quick assembly and disassembly.

The hunting splints Jauteco are manufactured and designed so that placement on the mast is correct, simple and effective. This will allow the human to visualize the warnings effectively.