Refuge Board of Fauna Salvatge (Catalonia) 50 × 33

4,65 + VAT

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Tablilla Refugi de Fauna Salvatge

Tablilla Refugi de Fauna Salvatge utilizada para la advertencia en Cataluña con medidas 50×33.

This tablet is marked to be used in Catalonia, being different from that used in the rest of Spain that they will use the one indicated in their normative.

The Tablet has some measures 50 × 33, so it is grouped within the first order. This tablet must be placed before the second order ones, in order to warn people.

Highly reinforced

This Tablet is made with a Highly reinforced Galvanized Steel sheet. This material allows it to withstand inclement weather as well as animal blows.

The purchase of the mast together with the tablet, because it can be fixed on the ground with it. The Tablet must signpost in a visible place para advertir de Refugio de Fauna Salvaje. Una mala colocación, puede impedir que la persona pueda ser advertida, adentrándose en la zona y así poniendo en riesgo su integridad

The colors used by this Tablet are the white, with black letters. The colors used are common on a tablet, so the human seeing it will know that it is an important warning.