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Fabricante de Productos para Cinegética | Jauteco

Captura Fácil y Selectiva

The Cages trap Jauteco catch all kinds of animals both wild and domestic, Our cages do not kill, do not hurt, do not injure.
We can free the animal without suffering any damage.

Some of our best-selling products are those intended to capture various predators Foxes, Dogs, Cats, Wolves, Rabbits, Partridges, Magpies, Rambles, Jackdaws, Pigeons, Meloncillos, Rats; Also Normal and Automatic Feeders and Drinkers.

You have information about the Cotos Signaling with community regulations and Hunting tablets with everything you need to mount them. The products are tested to ensure efficiency and durability. Your Manufacturer with more than 25 Years of Experience.

Más de 30 Años de Experiencia en Cinegética