Cage Trap Dogs

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Jaula Trampa Perros: Orientada a Perros Asilvestrados, Domésticos, Vagabundos, Lobos,… el animal quedará atrapado inmediatamente al entrar a por alimento.

La Jaula es REMOVABLE (para facilitar el transporte, debido a sus grandes dimensiones).


Jaula Trampa Perros, lobos y todo tipo de animales medios, domésticos y salvajes.

He Dog it is an animal that poorly trained or alone can be very dangerous. In order to capture these animals, the Dogs Trap Cage allows them to be trapped, without suffering damage or the human being in danger.

The characteristics of the Trap make it suitable for capturing Feral Dogs, Domestic, Tramps, Wolves ... The operation is simple, since the animal will be trapped when entering the cage for food and stepping on the rocker. The moment the rocker is stepped on, the doors will fall preventing the dog from escaping and being caught.

For its use it is ideal to place the bait in a place that the dog habitually frequents first outside the cage, so the dog will catch the habit. In a few days we will place the bait in the cage, so that the dog when entering it is trapped.

The Cage is removable for easy transportation, due to its large dimensions.

No option to escape

As the dog steps on the cage rocker, it will be closed immediately no time for me to escape. In this way, when the animal enters the bait, it will have no option to leave. The Trap is reinforced to prevent the exit of the animal, as well as it does not hurt.

It is advisable visit the Dog Trap Cage daily, avoiding hunger or unnecessary suffering of the captured dog or animal.

If the Trap catches the wrong animal, the human will release it safely. The cage complies with all regulations and laws of the Animal Protection Law.

Dog Trap Cage has the following features:

Dimensions: 180 x 55 x 80 cm.
Weight: 35 Kg.


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