Small Pigeon Trap Cage

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This Trap Cage is indicated for Pigeons, these will enter and leave touching the metal curtains to eat the grain that we have put on the ground, when they are fattened we will block the metal curtains and the Pigeons will enter confidently to eat, which will be trapped.

Small Pigeon Trap Cage

The Small Pigeon Trap Cage is indicated for the capture of pigeons.

This Cage is Galvanized and Silver, color that attracts pigeons, thus facilitating their capture.

This product is indicated for pigeons and other animals, these will enter and saldrán touching the metal curtains to eat the grain that we have put on the ground. When the animal is confident, we will lock the metal doors, so that when they enter to eat they are trapped and have no chance of escape.

Great amplitude

The width of the Cage is less than that of the rest of Cages for Pigeons, which allows it catch fewer pigeons. Have a simple and highly effective use.

If the wrong animals are caught, these they can be released without harm. It is advisable to visit the Small Pigeon Trap Cage daily to prevent birds from starvation or exposure.

The metal curtains have 2 positions: Entry-Exit and Entry-Only. The Entry-Exit will be activated at the beginning so that the Pigeon eats confidently, as well as later when changing to the Entry-Only mode it is trapped.

The features of the Small Pigeon Trap Cage are:

Dimensions: 90 x 40 x 30 cm.