Fox Trap Cage

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The Fox Trap Cage is indicated to capture different animals such as: Foxes, Wild Dogs and any Medium Predator. Respect the legislation since it uses a selective, non-massive capture method and does not cause any harm to the animal.




How to catch a Fox

El Zorro is very cunning, that is why he must see the Fox Trap Cage as natural as possible, covering the ground with dirt, placing it close to bushes or banks, where you consider it to be his usual passage area.

The most effective is to put a live bait, for example a Pigeon in the attached compartment, which will be protected from the aggressions of the captured animal and includes a feeder and a drinker for the live bait, as an alternative you can put some meat with a strong smell .

The Fox will enter the Cage in search of the bait, stepping on the seesaw and immediately lowering the doors. Thus the animal will be trapped, with no possibility of escape and without suffering any damage. If the wrong animal is caught, it can be released safely.

To improve the effectiveness of the Trap, the use of the Vullpenson Fox Attractant is recommended. Its strong smell will attract the fox to the area.

It is advisable visitar la Jaula Trampa Zorros cada día, to prevent the captured Fox from starving or suffering from exposure.

No dejar que el zorro sufra en el proceso de atraparlo, pues hacerle sufrir innecesariamente al animal es una acción cruel e inmoral y penada por la ley de protección animal.

When you have captured a fox treat it with much caution Although it may appear tame, it may be on the brink of anger.

Trap Cage Features

  • Las dos puertas están fabricadas con malla con un sistema antiretorno.

*Muy Efectiva
*Cumple legislación: No Mata, No Lesiona, No hiere.
*La más recomendada por Expertos de Caza.

– Jaula Captura: 155 x 40 x 60 cm.
- Live Bait Box: 60 x 20 x 50 cm.
- Weight: 28 Kg.


The Cage Trap is not the authorized system to capture Foxes in all the Autonomous Communities. It is important to take into account the legislation of each territory, in order to use the correct system. In Jauteco we have other authorized capture systems in various Autonomous Communities such as the Lazo Collarum and the Wisconsin.