Rabbit Trap Cage (Vaccination)

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Rabbit vaccination trap cage, especially for burrows.

The rabbits will leave the burrow due to the need to eat, drink or gnaw, crossing the walkway that gives access to the cage, being trapped here until they are vaccinated, with no option of escaping.

Rabbit Trap Cage (Vaccination)

The Rabbit Trap Cage (Vaccination) is designed for the capture of Burrowing Rabbits. The characteristics of the Cage allows to have controlled rabbits, being very useful for actions such as vaccination.

The Cage is light, because it can be easily transported through the field. This Trap Cage is selective, because it is made of galvanized and enameled mesh in silver.

The product uses a simple and effective capture mechanism, with which the rabbit, when introduced, will no longer be able to escape through the door mechanism that it will not be able to open. The elongated mesh it has it is recommended to introduce it into the mouth of the burrow, so that the animal enters the cage when leaving.

Upon entering the cage rabbits will not suffer any damage, as well as they will have no option to escape. If the wrong animal is caught, this can be released without harm.

He how to use is simple, The human will place the Trap Cage in the burrow's mouth so that the rabbit (with the need to eat, drink or gnaw) goes outside and is trapped, without having the option of escaping.

The Rabbit Vaccination Trap Cage It has the following characteristics:

Dimensions: 50 x 26 x 18

Weight: 2 Kg.