Rodent Trap Cage

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Trap cage for capturing medium and large rodents.

Rodent Trap Cage

Rodent Trap Cage is intended for the capture of medium and large rodents, using a highly effective system.

The way of using the system is simple, and at the same time effective. When the Rodent enters the cage, it will step on the rocker and at that moment the door will lower, thusThe animal will be trapped with no option to escape and without harm.

Place a food that attracts the animal that we want to capture is highly recommended, as this will come for him. Cheese is recommended for rodents, as it is very attractive to them.

The Rodent Trap Cage complies with all the regulations of the Animal Protection Law. It is advisable visit the Trap Cage every day (approx.), to prevent the captured Rodent from starvation or exposure.

Its size and its low weight (less than 1kg), together with the handle on the top allows its easy transport of place. Being indicated for both open spaces and closed places.

Rodent Trap Cage has the following features:

Dimensions: 50 x 15 x 18 Cm.

Weight: 0.8 Kg.

Note: This selective trap cage respects any norm or legislation on the treatment of animals.

If the wrong animal is caught, it can be released without harm.