Magpie Trap Cage (Small Corvids)

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The Magpie Trap Cage is made up of three Compartments: Two for capturing and One compartment for introducing live bait (includes trough and trough)

Measurements: 95 x 30 x 25 cm.

Magpie Trap Cage (Small Corvids)

Small Magpie Trap Cage is indicated for the capture of Corvids: Magpies, Pigeons, Black Crows and Jackdaws (the latter only in breeding season).

The product is made of fine galvanized mesh, attached by metal clips. These materials will prevent the animal from escaping, as well as causing damage to the Cage, although its resistance is less than Welded Corvid Cage.

Simple and effective capture method

The operation of the Cage is simple, it will be introduced a live bait in the center of the cage, which will be protected by grids from predators, when they go in search of the bait they will be trapped in the cage due to its guillotine system with no possibility of leaving. The 2 individual compartments allow to capture several animals in the same cage.

The Trap cage is painted with silver color, since these birds are attracted to the brightness.

If the wrong animal, it can be released without harm. It is advisable visit the Magpie Trap Cage daily, in order to avoid animals suffering from hunger or exposure.

The Small Magpie Trap Cage consists of:
2 individual compartments for capture.
1 Central compartment for live bait (includes trough and trough).

The characteristics of this product are:

Dimensions: 95 x 30 x 25 cm.