Cage Trap Pigeons and Various Birds

319,00439,00 + VAT

A pigeon catcher gate has been exclusively designed to be successful using this (patented) control system.

It guarantees a good performance and allows us to capture a large number of pigeons.

Choose from the 3 Bird Cage options (all include feeder):

Cage Trap Various Birds and Pigeons

The Cage Trap Various Birds and Pigeons uses an innovative and effective bird hunting system. The trap allows to capture the animal without the possibility of escape, as well as without damage.

The operation of this capture entrance in the Cage Trap Various Birds and Pigeons It is totally mechanical and does not require current. I know arm manually and its capture capacity is 55 - 60 pigeons or more, each time it is loaded, since pigeons are deposited in the storage cage, which can vary according to the quantity of the colony to be treated.

*JAULA ALMACENAJE CON DEPÓSITO PEQUEÑO: 90 X 90 X 35 cm. (largo x ancho x alto)

*JAULA ALMACENAJE CON DEPÓSITO GRANDE: 100 X 100 X 120 cm. (largo x ancho x alto)

This Cage serves bait food, steps on the device and thus automatically move the pigeon inside. It is housed there and immediately the cage itself returns to serving bait food and waits patiently for the new prey. Can capture 55-60 pigeons at a time that we carry the rope.

Mechanical capture system

These functions are carried out without any type of electrical energy, since it's totally mechanical and Resistant to weather.

Capture cages are made of different measures, according to the desired capacity. The more capacity the Trap will have, the more birds can be caught.

The Cage Trap Various Birds and Pigeons complies with the regulations of the Animal Protection Law. It is recommended to visit the Trap daily, so We will prevent the animal from starving or being exposed.