Collar collar

69,00 + VAT

This Fox Tie is made of Stainless Steel and Galvanized, it is easy to use, the animal will be caught neck by pulling the bait and without taking any damage. It is indicated for Capture of Foxes and Wild Dogs.

Wear rubber gloves to touch the Collarum Loop, so that the fox does not notice any odor that repels it.

The Vulpeson Attractant (not included) attracts Foxes from up to 200 meters away.

Collarum (Operation) 

This Collarum Loop for Capturing Foxes is an activated or powered cable retention system. Is he own animal the one that must activate the trap so that it reaches the retention cable.

When activated, the spring that lifts the metal arms is released, which if the approach has been correct, throw the retention cable over the animal's neck. At the same time, the side crossbow tightens the cable to the minimum diameter previously established by the stop.

How to Install the Collarum

He Lazo Collarum is arranged buried in the ground, except for the placement bait tube that is placed outside.

Must be installed in the vicinity of places of supposed high transit of Foxes and little transit of non-target species, since others can approach and operate the device and also be caught. In general terms, it is recommended to avoid locations where the retention cable, once the animal has been captured, could become stuck or tangled, this fact could cause serious injuries to the captured animals, as it can disturb the proper operation of the shock absorbing spring and removes it. -Turns.

High efficiency

In the homologation tests, fox loops have been shown to be more effective than other catching methods. The traditional ties with brakes are placed both for the fox and for hares, rabbits or other animals, but at a higher height and with a more open eyelet than for these. With a bait or an Attractant, the animal will go to the Loop falling trapped taking as little damage as possible.

Through hunting ties it is possible to control possible animal pests, keeping overpopulations under control. In this way we can maintain the fauna of a certain natural environment without risks for other species or vegetation.

Visit the Collarum Loop regularly to prevent the captured animal from suffering from unnecessary hunger or exposure.

What is Collarum and How to Install it (Video)