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Technical characteristics Tablets and Masts

Technical characteristics of slats and masts for preserves, Signaling of Farms, Warnings and Hunting or Fishing Fields (Private and Public).

You can ask us for Mushroom Tablets or also personalized for Sports Centers, Communities, City Halls, Garages, Pools, etc ...

The Jauteco Tablets are highly reinforced. Manufactured withn Galvanized Steel sheet resists inclement weather, preventing atmospheric corrosion.

The Galvanized Steel Sheet with which it is made allows to give it the sturdiness necessary, so make it difficult for the animal to knock it down.

The serigraphed indications of the Tablets, as well as their correct placement allow a correct display of them, warning of the indications and possible dangers.

We also count masts and folding stands, for the placement of the slats. Both include everything necessary for the simple and fast placement of the slats, being solvents with a correct mounting.

For any questions or queries about the regulations of the Tablets you can go to the hunting grounds signage to solve it, as well as contact us personally by phone 964 60 23 59.

The Tablets are made with:
Galvanized Steel SheetCurved corners, those of 1st order with embedded frame.
- White Lacquered and Screen printed with highly pigmented ink.
- Coating and treatment of high quality to avoid atmospheric corrosion.
Drilled to fix them to the mast and so put the registration plate on it.
- Measurements: First Order 50 x 33 cm. Second Order: 30 x 20 cm.
License plate Included: some tablets require the indication of the preserve number, such as those of “Private Game Reserve” (the number is stamped and 2 rivets are included to fix it to the tablet).
- Plates / Tablets according to the Regulations of each Autonomous Community

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Masts for 1st and 2nd Order Tablets - Features:

  • Galvanized Steel Angle
  • Special treatment to protect them from the environment: Rural, Industrial, maritime etc.
  • Pointed toe "to nail" easily to the ground.
  • Compatible with all Tablets (First and Second Order).
  • Mounting screws included.
  • Measures 1.80 meters long; Thickness 2.5mm; 3x3cms angle.

How to place the Hunting Tablets

Find the information related to the Design and Placement of the tablets, find the Regulations of all the Autonomous Communities of Spain on Preserves signage.