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Insulators allow you to hold the cables and ropes of a fence, to keep them taut. They will also allow them not to lose intensity.

These products have a fixed or permanent restraint system, but in both cases it will prevent the animal from moving it.

They are made of materials that adapt perfectly to atmospheric changes, resisting extreme temperatures.

Each product is manufactured specifically for fences, being different insulators for permanent fences than for mobile ones.

The ropes, cables or tapes will use specific insulators, consult each product for details for its correct assembly.

They are necessary for an optimal operation of electric fences, because with them there will be no loss of intensity as they are isolated from contact with earth. 

With them, you will prevent the entry or exit of animals in a field, which will allow to protect it. They can be placed at the desired height, each being specific for certain animals in particular, following the indications.