Attractant Vulpeson Foxes (250 ml.)

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Attractant Foxes VULPESON bottle 250ml

Especially indicated for catching foxes

Attracting Extract: Emits a very attractive smell to the Fox, so it will quickly come to the sprayed place



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He Attractant Foxes Vulpenson, get attract the animal to the place where the product has been detached facilitating capture.

The operation of the product is practical and simple. Consists in throw some of the liquid in the place where we want the fox to come, it is attracted by a very attractive smell go to To the place where we have detached the Attractant. In this way we will facilitate the capture or control of said animal.

Through the Foxes Vulpenson Attentive it is possible to control possible animal pests and overpopulations. In this way we can maintain the fauna of a certain natural environment without risks for other species or vegetation.

The content of each bottle of Attractant Foxes Vulpenson is 250 ml. The odor produced by the liquid reaches a long distance, allowing foxes to be at a long distance.

The use of the Vulpenson Fox Attractant is legal under individual legal responsibility. Jauteco is not responsible for the misuse of the attractant, nor for the improper use of the product.

The use of other Jauteco products with the Attractant makes it easier to capture and control the animal, always with the obligation to respect animal protection laws in a personal way.

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