Dog accessories

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The dog accessories are used for equip our dogs of everything necessary for the practice of hunting. So we facilitate the comfort of the dog and its owner during the practice of this activity.

Dogs and humans are the most effective hunting partner. The qualities of dogs with their powerful sense of smell and their ability to catch prey, as they make them the ideal complement for any hunter who wants to succeed.

Since prehistory, humans have used dogs for the art of hunting. In their beginnings they were trained wolves, who helped our prehistorics to hunt for mammoths or other species. These wolves cornered the species until the arrival of the hunters. In addition they were also able to transport prey away from other predators, making it easier for humans.

Having tools to transport and equip your dogs in a more practical and comfortable way will facilitate the hunting process. With the appropriate accessories, for hunting the result of dogs and humans will obtain a very optimal result.