Electric Shepherds: Wild Boar Package

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Boar Package Includes Energizer Clovert B50 Solar, three earthing one meter and the Steel cable 500 meters.

The purchase of insulators, taking into account the characteristics of the post, and the Digivolt controller. Both are not included in the package.

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Wild boar pack

He boar package of electric shepherds has the necessary elements to prevent these animals from accessing the inside of the fence.

For the protection of the boar it is recommended lay 4 steel cables every 20 centimeters. It is recommended to follow the instructions indicated in the graphic below, so that the installation is correct and efficient.

He energizer you have this package is the Clovert B50 Solar, powerful and autonomous. Using solar energy, it will provide the fence with electrical energy preventing the entry of wild animals like wild boars or foxes for their power.

The use of earthing is necessary for the network return, allowing the operation of the electric fence. The package it has three shotsnecessary for the operation of the fence, these should be placed one meter from each other. They are independent and must be placed more than 10 meters from any ground in a building.

He Steel cable allows the fencing protection, preventing the passage of wild animals such as wild boars. In the package it includes 500 meters of cable, which enables 0.17 ohms per meter.

Even if not included in the package, it is necessary the use of insulators  for him cable routing. Choose lnecessary insulators according to the posts used, and the characteristics of the fence.

The use of controllers allows to measure volts and the power level of the fence, thus controlling losses. He Digivolt, which has three levels of control, not included in the package but it is recommended for voltage measurement.