Rabbit Cage Cage (Field)

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Catching rabbits in the open field.

This Trap Cage is very small and has an entrance door, it is indicated for capturing rabbits in the open field and other small animals and reptiles, it includes a feeder to put bait food.

Rabbit Cage Cage (Field)

The Rabbit Trap Cage used for the capture of animals such as Field Rabbits, Reptiles and other animals Similar. The animal can be captured through an effective system.

To capture the rabbit, the human must place a bait inside the trap for the animal to come. Entering attracted for food, the animal will step on the seesaw falling down the front doors getting caught. The animal won't be able to escape due to the strong grid of the cage as well as will not be damaged.

The Cage is painted green with the aim of facilitating its adaptation to the natural environment, preventing its presence from animals. The Trap is ideal to be used in open spaces, such as gardens or fields, due to its characteristics.

It is it is recommended to visit the Rabbit Trap at least once a day, to prevent the animal from starving or suffering from exposure. If the wrong animal is caught, it can be released without harmas well as safely.

The Trap Cage respects any rules or legislation on the treatment of animals.

Jauteco is a pioneer in the locking system of the Cages trap. It has a reliable system that when the animal activates it, its capture will be imminent.

The Rabbit Cage Trap It has the following characteristics:

Dimensions: 54 x 26 x 26 Cm.

Weight: 4.2 Kg.