Rabbits and Partridges Drinker with PVC Pool

46,00 + VAT

Drinker for Partridges and Rabbits with water tank, the sink is completely fixed to the ground.


Drinking fountain with PVC pool

Drinking Rabbits and Partridges with PVC Pool uses a water tank, so with it the sink is completely fixed to the ground. This prevents the animal from having an easy time moving or breaking the trough.

The pool's mouth is an ideal size for rabbits, partridges and other species; preventing them from drinking other animals such as wild boars, cattle ...

The Drinker has an automatic water system, so the animals will come to drink daily. With it you can control the species in the area.

The simple system allows the human to carry out its assembly in a short time, being effective in the natural environment.

The PVC Drinking Fountain includes:

  • Depósito de 60 Litros
  • PVC pool (with buoy)
  • T-shaped stake (with screws)
  • Screws

Since its inception, drinking fountains have been a great help to hunters. La programación del bebedero, permite que los cazadores tengan controladas a las especies sin necesidad de acudir ellos personalmente a abastecerlas día tras día, así invierte un menor tiempo y esfuerzo para una misma práctica.